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'Helping You Move From Surviving to Thriving'

Glennda Barker MSc, is based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK. 

Passionate about helping you move from surviving to thriving.


As an Intuitive therapist and researcher delivering rapid change work therapy. 

Actively supporting clients with their mental health, anxiety and emotional well-being. 

Specialist interest is migraines, providing alternative treatment to relieve discomfort and minimise recovery time.



      Online sessions exploring your emotional well-being

Each session is priced £60 

Many clients notice changes within one session



"I feel totally refreshed, full of energy and ready to conquer the world!". "I truly cannot thank you enough Glennda, I feel amazing. I am so pleased our paths crossed".

"Go to Glennda with a very open mind, because it can have a hugely positive effect on the life you are leading and your mental state of mind". "I wasn't sure what to expect but can honestly say it's brilliant and worked for me, only 2 weeks after I feel like my energy and positivity has come back, my mind is finally clear".

An alternative treatment to relieve discomfort and minimise the recovery time of migraines.

The Migraine Relief Session

priced £125 

100% Money Back Guarantee


“I’ve not had a serious migraine since Glennda’s treatment 3 years ago. Can’t recommend this therapy enough. You definitely have to have an open mind but for me, it’s been life saver in all aspects of my health and mental well-being”.


You can now book your free consultation today

or call Glennda on 07766779498


















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