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Everything you need is already within you- Integral-Eye-Movement-Therapy-Metaphors-of-Movement
Decorative Flourish
Decorative Flourish



Anxiety Relief | Self Regulation | Self-Esteem 

I'm Glennda Barker,


I believe everything you need is within you to deeply connect with yourself, heal old wounds, and let go of unwanted stress that prevents you from living the life you desire.

Are you someone who prefers not talk about the issues you are facing?


Would you also like to be able to stay out of past negative experiences and become more present?

I can create change in the blink of an eye.

If this sounds like something you would like help with, get in touch today.

Past 🦋 Present 🦋 Future


Each session is online or in person priced £60

Book your free discovery call 

 on 07766779498

or email:  

🦋Live The Life You Desire🦋  


"I feel totally refreshed, full of energy and ready to conquer the world!". "I truly cannot thank you enough Glennda, I feel amazing. I am so pleased our paths crossed".

"Go to Glennda with a very open mind, because it can have a hugely positive effect on the life you are leading and your mental state of mind". "I wasn't sure what to expect but can honestly say it's brilliant and worked for me, only 2 weeks after I feel like my energy and positivity has come back, my mind is finally clear".



Thank you so much for sharing your experiences








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