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Therapeutic Change Work

I use a range of neuro-science and therapeutic techniques including Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and Metaphors of Movement (MOM).

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a brief change work process which was developed by Andrew T. Austin, based on the original work by Connirae and Steve Andreas. Integral Eye Movement Therapy enables the practitioner to precisely calibrate moving the eyes through the axis enabling exploration work to occur with precision and remarkable speed. 

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is not the grand unified theory of therapy and change work and is still a developing model. It has proven to be a very useful process for the trained therapists and when used in the right hands can provide an excellent remedial tool for identity change. 

Practitioners are reporting that IEMT enables excellent results, where previously a good outcome was probable. IEMT has been taught internationally including the USA, Sweden, Poland, India and England.

What is Metaphors of Movement?

Metaphors of Movement is a completely new approach to overcoming stuck states and creating effective movement towards our personal goals. The key to personal change is facing the reality of where you are right now rather than focusing on an outcome or goal. 

It utliizes the your own experience, autogenic metaphor, and language in a strategic manner to deliver transformation.

It is a precision tool to hone in on your exact stuck point and how you are maintaining the problem state. 

We explore the possible solutions that are inherent in the problem itself.

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