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An Alternative Treatment to Relieve Discomfort or Minimise the Recovery Time of Migraines



6 months - "After my consultation with Glennda I was in two minds to know if talking about my migraines would help as I had suffered quite badly over the years. Well I have to say I feel as though a miracle has happened. I used to get them with the change of the weather and the way it has been recently, not one has occurred Maybe a small headache but has not a migraine that has resulted in going to bed for a sleep. So thank you for helping me Glennda, I would truly recommend this to anyone who suffers. It may not work for all but it's worth a shot".


2 years-"I had been suffering from migraines for quite awhile and spoke to Glennda about them. She reassured me and asked me questions about my migraines. Well 2 years on I am migraine free....woo hoo".

3 years- “Still none “OMG” magic has definitely happened, thank you so much”.

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