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Come out of the past, live in the present, live for the future



"Glennda's caring and professional manner make her very easy to talk and open up to.  I had heard of NLP but not IEMT and was unsure that it would work. I was pleasantly surprised! It is a straightforward and easy way to change your way of thinking around emotive and painful memories. I found the process easy and relatively pain-free with immediate results. I highly recommend her".

(February, 2017).

"I wanted some form of closure on the death of my brother and the emotions I still held on to. I was in awe of what you do. I have no idea how but i felt amazing! I have told everyone how amazing I felt. The Me, Self, thing was the best thing for moving forward and the pen/eye therapy for getting rid of those feelings. I feel totally refreshed, full of energy and ready to conquer the world!"

(February, 2017).

"I cannot stress enough what an amazing difference a session with Glenda has made. I feel alive. All those horrible memories no longer have that wave of agony they once caused. I want to live again . I would have tried anything to be free of all the mental pain my mind has caused and only wish I had known about this lovely lady and her treatment sooner. Peace of mind has come at last.

(May, 2018).

"I went to Glennda not knowing what to expect from the treatment I was pleasantly surprised as I had underlying family emotional issues that were still lurking in my mind that came out during one treatment".

We covered a lot of issues and on returning I was amazed at the results. The treatment itself makes you think about where you are now and how you want the treatment to help you. After one session I was amazed at how things at how I’ve things that once affected me no longer held precedence over me and I feel I’m rid of those things that hung over me”.

(May, 2018).

"I found Glennda through Safe Local Services, and I was facing anger management issues. After the first session I was not sure what to think, but within a couple of days my family had seen a difference. I no longer lose my temper quickly and cannot recommend Glennda highly enough. Don't be put off by looking at a pen, this treatment is good".

(December, 2018).

"I felt upset, hurt, anger and sadness. I was holding on to painful memories and crying frequently. Since the session I no longer cry when talking about the painful issues, and the emotions surrounding them feel less strong. They no longer have an impact on my present life. If you want rapid change work as opposed to 'talking' this can help! It does feel a strange therapy and one that difficult to explain".

(December, 2019).


I had a brilliant online session with Glennda. In a really short space of time she helped me to let go of a lot of unresolved feelings. It was surprising how quickly I felt a change, and after the session I felt much lighter and as if this is something that will be much easier for me to deal with in the future. Thank you Glennda.

(November, 2019).

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