'After 30 years, I found migraine relief'

Updated: Oct 20

The overwhelming feeling and pain that occurs during an episode was not something that i was ever likely to forget, and they continued throughout my life. The first time I remember, I was a teenager. I had blurred vision, nausea, throbbing pain in my head which was so intense and continued throughout the day. They were the same symptoms every time, so i knew what to expect as the years went by. The pain was no more or no less.

I did find medication helped to relieve the length of time I spent in pain. This was really helpful as rather than being confined to my bed all day I was normally feeling better by midday.

The moment the rainbow lights flickered, I knew from past experience it was time to go to a dark room, I just wanted the pain to stop. Over the years I learned to manage my symptoms by buying a black out blind and taking the medication and going to bed until the pain subsided. There were times when this was not possible, I remember still vividly taking my children out for the day, we had planned this trip for a long time and on the way the migraine symptoms began. I felt awful, apologised and then had to drive home, hoping to get back before it got any worse. Life becomes quite stressful as you can never know when a migraine will strike!

In my 30's, I had been a parent for over thirteen years and had many times when migraines would just appear out of nowhere. I began try and understand what could be the cause of my migraines including types of food, lack of sleep and stress. The NHS website state there are possible triggers that have been suggested including hormonal, emotional, dietary, environmental and medicinal factors.

In my 40's I had come to terms with the fact they were part of my life and understood there was no cure, i had to just continue to manage my symptoms. Over the years I have had to cancel appointments, and would spend time worrying that another migraine may appear. My quality of life was really being affected and i was only fully aware of this on a training course 5 years ago.

For over 30 years i had been managing my symptoms and woke up that morning in the air b&b with a migraine. I had taken the medication and just drove to the training to let them know I wouldn't be able to attend as i had a migraine and because i lived over 100 miles away, i would just sleep in my car until i was well enough to drive home.

This moment changed my life to say the least, my trainer asked if i would like to work on the migraine. I'm not being funny, I was very sceptical as I had tried acupuncture before and found it painful. So, I thought that maybe moving my eyes would be fine and at that moment I was already in pain.

I did think how on earth will this stop my physical pain though. This was a non-evasive treatment and I noticed instantly the difference it made. Being sceptical I thought, maybe it was just that the medication had began to work as it normally took about half an hour.

5 years on, I believe that this really made a difference and realising i had spent so much of my life anticipating a migraine, trying to figure out the cause, avoiding the triggers and the time spent in physical pain during a episode.

I now feel privileged to be able to help people suffering from migraines reduce or alleviate the symptoms of migraines too.

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