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Are you feeling lost and alone, going through the day to day motions like a robot?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

"Before I see Glennda I was feeling very disconnected from people, myself and everyday things around me.

I felt lost and alone and didn't know where I or who I was anymore like I had lost my way and wasn't sure where to start on finding myself, I was just going through the day to day motions like a robot.

I felt like I was surrounded by a green smog. I have read many books and completed there exercises which I have read over the last year. I felt that they did help me, very much on dealing with my anxieties which I carried, but needed that little extra help to find myself and who I am as a person, which I knew was ready to emerge but was not sure on how to reconnect with myself.

I lost my father 7 years ago, my dog 3 years ago and my mother last year as well as other family issues whilst my mother was ill. I was also studying so there was a lot of emotional pressure in my life this last year.

After my first meeting with Glennda I described to her where I was at this point in my life and where I wanted to be. Glennda was amazing, she sat and "Listened" to what I was saying and she took it all on board without judging. Glennda was very warm and compassionate, in what I was discussing with her and understood what I was going through.

Glennda and I started to work through some exercises which made me see the whole of me rather than just small sections of myself. During this time I started to see more of myself as a whole and more in a positive way like by magic the green smog was slowly disappearing. By the time our next session was due the green smog had cleared, it is more like a warm bright glow now that surrounds me which is very uplifting. I feel so much better now in myself like I have been given a new lease of life.

Thank you Glennda for all that you have done for me, I would definitely recommend you".

Anonymous xx


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