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Are you spending your time doing things that bring you joy and happiness?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

One of my friends asked me to facetime her the other day as she wanted to tell me something.

She had the opportunity to have an allotment plot. It's something she wanted for a long time but recently she had taken the steps to find out what she needed to do to have one.

She spoke to someone managing the allotments as she didn't want a whole plot to herself and when half a plot came up, he contacted her to let her know it was available.

She is over the moon, i'm so glad we facetimed as i could see how happy she was, being able to share that moment with her. There is so much joy and excitement for what this will bring.

When we want to do something we can easily think about it and think it's impossible or out of reach so we don't to action but by taking action just to see if it's possible can give us the opportunity to give us so much joy!

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