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Does it feel like you are wading through treacle

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Have you started this week again with the intention of getting the tasks completed and its now the end of the working week. You have spent so much of your time being interrupted by unplanned phone calls which will only take a minute, or someone has a quick question that leads onto a hour conversation?

The set tasks will still need to be completed. Your evenings and/or weekends are now spent catching up doing these tasks, which means that you are spending less time with family and friends.

It can affect your quality of life as you are already feeling frustrated, and this impacts relationships with those close to you. It can sometimes feel like you are wading through treacle which means making one's way slowly and in a way that takes considerable time and effort.

Becoming aware of your patterns of behaviour can give you an understanding of the position you are in and enable you to see what options are available and the steps you can take.


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