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Would you like to explore how you feel about your birth name?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I want to feel better about myself

Mandy attended the session as "I want to try new things to help me feel better about myself and work on my pain". She had suffered from physical and emotional pain for many years including childhood trauma. She wanted me to know her anxiety caused her to panic and she also had depression.

She was feeling hopeful that she could work on herself as she was always doing stuff for other people. She was happy to try new things and work on her pain in the session. She spoke of an incident a few weeks prior that had made her panic, Mandy remembered another memory about herself when she was much younger, but still having those feelings of panic. She then spoke of her physical pain, it limits her to what she is capable of, she feels anxious and depresses her when she plans days out.

We worked through her feelings of pain and explored her name as this was having a negative charge. She had used a nickname for a long time. She still felt anger towards her birth name, as it reminded her of "...being a young child at home ... if you can call it home.." she said.

Mandy came to the follow up session, she was more relaxed and told me she had bought up a key ring at the seaside and it was the first time she had picked something with her birth name on it and was really surprised.


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