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Procrastinating? Find out how learning to stop, helps you achieve more!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

People look for ways to fight procrastination! What would happen if you was able to stop fighting and understood why you began procrastinating.

I love helping people to gain clarity, focus and stop flitting from one thing to another, or waking up feeling overwhelmed.

How much time are you spending being effectively productive?

Judy is self-employed and had begun to worry then panic which led to procrastinating and not being productive. It was affecting her wellbeing as well as her workload.

“I am doing everything” Judy explained. "People have an expectation of me. I’m not feeling good enough. I panic more and get short tempered, and things bother me more. I want to get less upset and calmer in hard situations, and I want to find ways of dealing with anxiety better”.

A memory was located and the different emotions were explored when she had, had a big change in her life and the feelings were alleviated.

We then explored a number of things including," I am not feeling good enough. I panic and gets short tempered. People’s expectations of me, they know more than me. I am busy doing everything for everyone else. Thinking about myself less or not enough. Everything had been frantically busy.

This led to Judy explaining at the end of the session “I do know what I’m doing, feeling calmer, more methodical, and less scrambled. They do not necessarily know more than me. Judy was now present and thinking about what to do next.

In our follow up session two weeks later:

“I am now present and organised. I’m not worrying about what people think. Everything is more inline, more organised, and less messy. I feel grounded and thinking methodically”.


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