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Did you know hope connects the present as well as future expectations.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

My friend and I had planned to go to a walking networking event a couple of weeks ago and she messaged the day before and told me, “The forecast is poor tomorrow, shame”. So I replied, “There is tea and cake in the café, there’s always a silver lining”. It got me thinking, we come out with these phrases, but what is a silver lining and why do we say “There’s always a silver lining”.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a silver lining is, ‘an advantage that comes from a difficult or unpleasant situation’. The phrase is, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ which means even in worse situations there is hope of better’ and it would seem we have the 17th century poet John Milton to thank for the first linking of clouds and silver linings in 1634.

I was at a car boot sale a few months ago and a book caught my eye called ‘silver linings’ it looked like a really old book, first published in 1928. According to All Poetry, the author Wilhelmina Stitch which was a pseudonym for Ruth Collie. She was born in 1888-1936. Little is known about her, however she has published a number of poetry books and there are painted portraits of her in the UK National Portrait Gallery.

While tidying my office this morning, I found it among many books. I’m definitely a collector of books. I loved reading the poems in this book and one that stands out is,


Her modulated voice is sweet, she ne’er looks tired, she’s never late. She’s neat and trim from head to feet; she does not gossip, does not prate, and always she is discreet.

She never wear harsh, squeaky shoes, nor aprons with a rustling noise. She never shows she has the blues; she is a model of calm poise; she never angers or annoys.

She’s temperate, always in all things. She’s sympathetic strong in mind. A ray of hope her presence beings. Her counsel’s wise, she’s always kind, and yet she has not angel wings!

And from her very soul there flows a vital current that inspires, as through the anxious house she goes rekindling Hope’s extinguished fires.

She serves with love, with courage glows – this nurse who all the world admires.

A nurse can give hope as she motivates the patient through their inspiring presence and support. Hope is exactly what is needed to stay engaged in the present moment while anticipating an uncertain future, connecting the present as well as future expectations. Hope sets a foundation to expect good to happen in future which gives positive energy. A hope of better, a silver lining.

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