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Helping with anxiety as it causes a wave of emotions

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Zola wanted help with her anxiety. She wanted to enjoy life more and not to worry about things too much. She felt that by making the changes she would be able to spend any time or day with her family.

After the change work, her thoughts changed to playing with her child, family time, having fun. Significant people including husband, mother, and mother in law were much more positive representations after the change work.

At the follow-up session, Zola arrived telling me about the holiday she had been on last week, her husband had noticed changes in her too. There was an incident on holiday where she would of normally panicked, the waves in the sea had taken her breath away as it pulled her under the water. This time she just got out of the water and told her husband and she was okay.

She felt lighter and on holiday she was able to go out and meet new people. On a previous holiday, she would have stayed back and her husband and daughter would make friends and then they would have to come to introduce themselves to her.

Zola really enjoyed this holiday and felt relaxed.

I asked what other changes she had noticed. She felt like she was able to relax and enjoy living in the moment now. She was looking forward to being a godparent. She said she had been depressed for 7 years and cried lots of tears yet since the session two weeks prior she had not shed a tear.

A wave of emotions


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