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From a frazzled wreck to being back on track, feeling optimistic and clear headed.

Updated: Feb 16

This lovely therapist had wanted to be able to do everything that she had chosen to do well and efficiency and purposefully to help others. However, she was a frazzled wreck, her words.

I saw this lady once a month for an hour for 3 months and a follow up session. I used the skills and techniques I have acquired to explore not only how she was feeling but also her own self and the relationship she has with others.

"I saw Glennda for four sessions of IEMT. What I liked about the treatment was Glennda’s professional approach, she directed the sessions to the most important elements of my issues and began eye movement therapy with a confidence and respect.

I didn’t need to talk about the issues, only how I was feeling about them. It is quite amazing the speed at which my feelings subsided until the issues no longer bothered me. The treatment involves moving your eyes in various directions whilst focussing on difficult feelings. The feelings gradually subside. It really is that simple!

Glennda made sure to check in at regular intervals during the treatment to ensure everything was going well and to find out if other related emotions had been triggered. When they had she acknowledged them and began IEMT on those too.

Over the course of the four sessions, I noticed how much more positive I felt. I’d begun making better use of my time, planning for future events and setting goals and targets where I’d previously felt stuck.

It became clear that my issues had affected all areas of my life leading to a blockage in things I wanted to do. Now I’m back on track and feeling optimistic and clear headed.

Thank you Glennda, for your useful sessions, gentle yet powerful. I recommend Glennda for IEMT whatever issues you’re dealing with".


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