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It's okay to make yourself a priority, it might actually be transformative.

Updated: May 18

Giving yourself permission that it's okay to make yourself a priority can be transformative.

Jennifer came to see me last week we have met a few times. This is a similar scenario that has happened many times she was interested in what I do, but was sceptical that I could help.

Jennifer had been holding on to stuff for a long time and she had experienced lots of different therapies, coping strategies etc. She wanted help to learn self help techniques that she could use to manage how she was feeling.

“I know I’m masking how I’m being, but I want to be this person that I’m trying to be and a part of me is but the other part of me feels like I’m stretched myself too far. I get frustrated with myself. My anxiety leads to stress and moodiness and less tolerance. I did think it was anxiety and now I’m hearing about imposter syndrome I also feel like that too”.

Its important working with a person that their feelings are validated and exploring where the self-limiting beliefs come from.

I'm pleased to say after one session last week, the results speak for themselves. "Transformative".

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