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It has been a life saver I was losing days of my life to migraines.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Here is a quote from my client,

"There was a time when I needed to take time off work as I couldn't function. The symptoms were the same each time, a foggy, dizzy head and a pain began to grow over one side of my eye. I had started to feel anxious & low. More symptoms emerged as the migraine took hold, feeling nauseous, with immense pain in my eyes and a feeling of tightening around forehead and stress in neck, shoulders and chest. It affects my life as I am losing days of my life to migraines".

6 months later, “Glennda came and we had the session as I had a feeling of stress expecting a migraine within that week, as I was due a period began to take over that week. However, to my genuine shock and surprise I am now here six months on and not had one migraine since. I am totally in awe of this treatment and it’s changed my life. I cannot recommend this enough”. 2 years after the session, “It made my life so much fractious…migraines are debilitating. I feel that it was a release from losing days in my life”. It’s been 3 years now, “I’ve not had a serious migraine since Glennda’s treatment 3 years ago. If I feel any stress that could lead to feeling a migraine might start. I’ve got a pattern of managing that first signs with my eye patterns learnt with Glennda. I actually apply this strategy in many parts of my life if i’m not coping. Can’t recommend this therapy enough . You definitely have to have an open mind but for me . It’s been life saver . In all aspects of my health and mental well-being”.


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