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Are you going through the menopause and want to let things go from the past?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Valerie had no prior experience of Integral Eye Movement Therapy. She had seen a counsellor but felt nothing had changed. She was going through the menopause and had not been sleeping as she had really bad anxiety and raging emotions. Valerie wanted to let things go from the past.

She appeared very overwhelmed and anxious with everything that had happened recently. The death of three family members and the relationship breakdown. She was feeling a huge sense of loss which was affecting all her relationships. Valerie wanted to explain the reasons why she was feeling the way she was. She felt this session had helped her as by talking about it, she seemed more relaxed and looking forward to the next session.

At the next session, we worked through her feelings including sadness. She looked back at her life and felt "she was trying to please other people and not thinking of herself. Sad also, that, " It has taken me to the age of fifty to realise it" she said.

We updated her her identity of significant people in her life too. At the end of the session, Valerie felt that what had come out of today's session was different from what she thought she would be working through.

At the follow up two weeks later, Valerie said when she thinks of her memories she is a lot calmer. She felt in control which was a feeling she had not felt in a long time. She was able to able to think more clearly about her actions and responses. She was excited, looking to the future.

Testimonial - Valerie
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