Finding A Way Forward

Updated: May 26

I'm unsure what to do

Andrea wanted to learn techniques to avoid negative feelings related to her father's death and moving back to the UK. She spoke of the stress she was feeling as they had moved back to be with him, and after he had died she wanted to go back home.

We explored feelings of guilt, regret and shame and regret leading to feelings of envy and fear of being stuck. Andrea spoke of being stuck in the UK, where she doesn't want to be and can't see a way forward and it's either accept it or keep fighting to get back.

After the intervention, changes occurred from being emotional, sad and confused to feeling optimistic and taking a step forward. She had been overthinking and mentioned having a barrier up, like a protection as she felt uncomfortable to be herself around people and would put on a front. After the intervention, she was trying to move forward, feeling content, seeing a chink in the barrier and felt lighter.

Andrea wanted to go back to her home abroad and had said, it explained it like it was hanging on by her finger and now changed to "observing it and the feelings were less grim". At the end of the session, Andrea reported feeling different and would let it settle and let me know in the next session.

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