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"After my first meeting with Glennda I described to her where I was at this point in my life and where I wanted to be, Glennda was amazing she sat and “Listened” to what I was saying and she took it all on board without judging".


"Glennda was very warm and compassionate, in what I was discussing with her and understood what I was going through. I feel so much better now in myself like I have been give a new lease on life. Thank you Glennda for all that you have done for me, I would definitely recommend you".

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"I previously suffered with migraines and really struggled. After discussing my migraines with Glennda my migraines have subsided substantially. I haven't had any in few months and i am sleeping much better than ever

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"Traumatic events HAD run my life for approximately 30 years, not trusting many people, affecting my daily activities, basically living in fear on a day-to-day basis". 

"NEVER EVER did I think I would escape the flashbacks and feelings associated with those events, fresh as the day it happened. A tone of a voice, even a song on the radio would set me back - My mind was hell!"


"I personally was never able to talk in-depth about my experience but Glenda gave me the choice to talk or not talk. It has changed my life - I was speechless and still, I’m astonished about the impact Glenda and her services has had on my life! I recommend anyone who’s not happy in life, lack confidence to move forward or need to find direction in life to contact Glenda".

"I could never thank Glenda enough for the positive change she has made, not only to my life but life for my family. She is a very special person that has given me my life back and I’m eternally grateful".

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"I’m now approx 2 - 3 months on from having treatment and some important changes have taken place since. For those looking from the outside in they would see that I have the same job, friends, home and relationship as before - which is all accurate; so what’s really changed?"


"Well it’s a tough one to describe; I want to say mindset but I’m not sure if it is. When I think of mindset I think of having conscious thoughts about stuff that I have to work hard at to try and think differently about".


"Many of my conscious negative thoughts have just vanished completely so I’m no longer weighed down by having to deal with or think about things differently simply because they are not there. I’ve not lost my memory of events that I use to find distressing, it’s just that the memory is no longer overwhelming or emotional, it’s just an event or thing that happened in my life which has gone".


"Previously my daily life was consumed but these thoughts and it was exhausting. I could never just relax or focus on simple tasks because the noise in my own head was so loud and distracting. My anxiety is significantly lower, my mood is in general higher and I’m no longer afraid of waking up to the noise in my mind that often consumed my day. I still have some OCD behaviours but not on the scale they were".


“I was recommended by a family friend to see Glenda as they had worked miracles with themselves. I can honestly say now I know why they give her such a great review"


"My child had just been referred to mental health as an emergency. I felt so lost as to where to turn next! Upon meeting Glenda she instantly clicked with my child. They felt comfortable and agreed to book a first session!"

"Well I can honestly say after just one session my child come out smiling and I could see they had their spark back! Over the last few days since the session it’s like a miracle!!! I have the old happy, joking laughing child back!"

"His feeling completely different and has even returned to school part time. I honestly can not thank you enough! I would highly recommend anyone whether it’s a child or adult to try what Glenda has to offer as I am amazed at the work she does!"

"Thank you for bringing back my child to his usual self!"

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"Glennda's caring and professional manner make her very easy to talk and open up to.  I had heard of NLP but not IEMT and was unsure that it would work. I was pleasantly surprised! It is a straightforward and easy way to change your way of thinking around emotive and painful memories. I found the process easy and relatively pain-free with immediate results. I highly recommend her".

Visit YouTube for video testimonials

I have started to record video testimonials, which you are welcome to view by clicking the image above or link below... 

Bereavement Guilt

"I wanted some form of closure on the death of my brother and the emotions I still held on to. I was in awe of what you do. I have no idea how but i felt amazing! I have told everyone how amazing I felt. The Me, Self, thing was the best thing for moving forward and the pen/eye therapy for getting rid of those feelings. I feel totally refreshed, full of energy and ready to conquer the world!"

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"I felt upset, hurt, anger and sadness. I was holding on to painful memories and crying frequently. Since the session I no longer cry when talking about the painful issues, and the emotions surrounding them feel less strong. They no longer have an impact on my present life".


"If you want rapid change work as opposed to 'talking' this can help! It does feel a strange therapy and one that difficult to explain".


"I am writing this review as I really want to share how my life and my way of thinking has been transformed with the help of Glennda’s therapy"..


"I have suffered with depression and low self esteem/anxiety for longer than I can remember. Many years of misery and self doubt. After seeing Glennda and experiencing IEMT, I cannot begin to explain the change in my life. Anyone who has gone through the constant thoughts and feelings that swamp you when a painful memory crops up will know how horrendous this can be. It starts in your mind and the shame and humiliation of even a silly thing you’ve done comes like a tidal wave hitting you in the gut and taking your breath away with awful feelings. That’s the only way I can describe it".


"But I feel like I am in heaven for the first time in about twenty years. To be free of these feelings associated with memories is priceless. I am free in my mind and this has lead to me starting to believe in myself and start on the journey of living again. I really cannot out into words strongly enough what this lady has done for me. I just want people to know that they don’t need to keep suffering and give IEMT a go. Thank you".

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"I was facing a lot of anxiety issues that was making my life on a day to day basis hard to deal with. I was struggling to even leave the house and enjoy my family life with my husband and daughter. My life has changed and I now enjoy the times with my family and friends. Glennda you have been a real help not just to me but also my husband and daughter".

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"I can't recommend Glennda's warm and professional approach enough.

In only a few sessions, i fel differently about the things I sought help for. Taking this first step was challengng but it has really helped me to be more clear about the things".  

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"I cannot stress enough what an amazing difference a session with Glenda has made. I feel alive. All those horrible memories no longer have that wave of agony they once caused. I want to live again . I would have tried anything to be free of all the mental pain my mind has caused and only wish I had known about this lovely lady and her treatment sooner. Peace of mind has come at last."

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"When I had my migraines I couldn't think of anything else. I struggled to drive even to go to the doctors. I had many days off work, felt sick and my vision used to go funny like a kaleidoscope".


"This had been happening since I was 10 years old. On a good month I would have about 2 a month, on a bad one I would have several a week. I felt I couldn't do anything and my migraines were taking over my life. I work as a clinical practitioner for the NHS and have a knowledge about medical matters".


"I tried several preventative medicines and was on my 3rd one, I also took different types of painkillers and one of these did work but I haven't needed these or any other preventative medication as I've not had a migraine since seeing Glennda - thank you".

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"I went to Glennda not knowing what to expect from the treatment I was pleasantly surprised as I had underlying family emotional issues that were still lurking in my mind that came out during one treatment".


"We covered a lot of issues and on returning I was amazed at the results. The treatment itself makes you think about where you are now and how you want the treatment to help you".

"After one session I was amazed at how things at how I’ve things that once affected me no longer held precedence over me and I feel I’m rid of those things that hung over me”.

"I had been struggling to go out in the sunshine, and now feel more optimistic and more carefree. My experience was completely painless and I felt relaxed". 

"I've suffered from anxiety for a long time now, maybe 10 years, and after a little hesitation caused by the anxiety I booked a session with Glennda. After only a few minutes chatting with Glennda I felt very relaxed and the anxiety started to drain away. I was amazed how the session made me feel at the end and can honestly say I felt the release of stress and anxiety lift from my body and be replaced with positivity and excitement.


"It really does make you change the way you think about your life and your future. Thank you so much Glennda. To anyone who has past or present issues disrupting their life or making them feel negative towards the future do not hesitate to book an appointment with Glennda. She's amazing".

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Family at home

"I found Glennda through Safe Local Services, and I was facing anger management issues. After the first session I was not sure what to think, but within a couple of days my family had seen a difference. I no longer lose my temper quickly and cannot recommend Glennda highly enough. Don't be put off by looking at a pen, this treatment is good".

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