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Why Does Mindset Matter?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Why does mindset matter because from a fixed mindset you will often avoid challenges, see no point in making an effort as it won't work anyway and compare other people's successes and feel threatened by it. Telling yourself you are not good enough, you can't seem to do anything right.

Self-talk is thought of as a mix of conscious and unconscious beliefs and biases you hold about yourself and the world. When comparing self worth to how well you are doing in your work can have a negative impact. It affects how you feel about yourself, your mood changes dependant on how well it’s going or not. There can be so much pressure.

With a growth mindset there becomes a desire to learn. To embrace challenges, and to see the effort you put in as needed to achieve what you want and also be inspired by others instead of comparison.

Research shows when faced with stressful situations and challenges, people who are more inclined towards being optimistic, use positive self talk, and more coping strategies .

Here is a clients feedback:

"I now recognise the woman I've grown into and recognise the challenges I've faced. I congratulate myself now rather than looking for external affirmations from my parents. I am proud of myself".

"I have the ability to transform my life and I have the inner strength now to do it".

"I have the capacity to deal with own needs and those of my family".

I have emotionalfreedom, feels liberating".

"It's like I'm emerging from a pod, my wings are still wet, I've not flown yet.

"I always limited myself and now I'm hopeful. Its now down to me to keep shifting forward".

"A lot of possibilities, optimism , fresh appetite for future and change".


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