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Did you find it easy or difficult to become a new business owner?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

When I started I couldn't imagine having my own business. My belief was "Who was I to have my own business?"

It was a huge responsibility, I was like a rabbit in the headlights, frozen to the spot afraid to take a step for fear of what may happen. This was new to me, I had never done this before.

However, reflecting on my inner landscape, with awareness and understanding allowed me to see why I had felt so afraid and I was now able to move forward.

I understand how it can be so easy to continue the patterns of behaviour, when we are unaware that we are doing them, until we are aware, which is kind of frustrating for sure!

Reflecting on our ‘inner landscapes’ with understanding and awareness, we can make the changes happen.

I believe "Everything you need is already within you" you just need to become aware and make the necessary changes yourself.

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